Top Tips

The following bits of information can be critical in helping to get interviews, important in constructing a CV and relevant for the design sector.

1. Weekly Catch up

Please let us know on a weekly basis if you are available for the following week, you should really do this to all your recruitment contacts, we get new work in around Thursday and Friday for the next week so Thursday is a good day to let us know, we can then add you to our available list.

2. Link it

Please make your online portfolio a link to your website or platform where it is so annoying when you have to copy and paste or in some cases write down portfolio can be the most important part of your application so make it easy to get to.

3. Freelance

Please do get in touch if you are a freelancer or becoming a freelancer in which case we can help with advise on the best process to transition.

4. Portfolio

Portfolio really is king in the design sector so make sure you put it together correctly and please get in touch if you need help with this either PDF or if you have a website or use a platform.

5. Clear Skillset

Adding these symbols, logos rather then the simple text skill has become very popular over the last few years but be careful if someone was to do a keyword search in this case using the illustrator your CV would not appear in the search based on the above along so make sure you put the written word as well for each skill – might look good but does not really help.

6. How to Write a CV

Please get in contact if you need help with this so important to include the right information and sometimes very basic things get missed or over information can also be an issue we are here to help.

7. No Photo

Photo on a CV – massive no no – just don’t do it or if you are asked to supply a photo, don’t send one wearing sunglasses or a hat or smoking or some activity but certainly on the initial CV just don’t include it. You don’t want someone reviewing the CV to get the wrong impression.

8. Your Location

Please don’t just send your details without some idea of where you are based …despite what you might the whole world is not remote now and a great number of organisations we are working with are back in the studios now 5 days a week so your location is really important …no need to give your full address, just the postcode is fine and so helpful for the application process.

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